Thursday, October 04, 2007

Little Mommy

Alex is becoming quite the nurturer, and very attached to her baby dolls. They go everywhere with her! She used to sleep with her bunny but now it has to be the baby. The other day Alex was playing with/emptying out the diaper bag. She spread out her diaper changing pad, gently laid her baby in the middle of it, and then covered her with her little travel blanky. So cute! Today I put her in her crib for naptime and then realized I'd forgotten her baby doll - I went and found it and when I handed it over to Alex she gave it a huge hug and yelled, "Hello baby! I missed you!" It sounded a little more like "hedo baby! Imssdew!" What a sweetie


tracey said...

Your stories are so great! It really helps me picture how the kids are growing up! I wish we could be there to see them in person and to eat some winking lizard! Enjoy her mothering but don't let it trick you into thinking about having another baby, take it from me, you're doing just fine with two! (Okay three's not that bad but I do wonder when I will sleep again and when I will quit fearing leaving the house.) I'm sorry things are going so poorly with Noah. I'm really struggling with Hayden right now and figured it was some sort of after effect of Alyssa being born. However, today another mom said that her kids always have a hard time in September and October. Something to do with school starting, summer ending, etc. I wonder how much that effects even the little kids... anyway, I have two mottos on life right now: "It's just a phase" and "I'm doing the best I can." I hope one of those can help you!

Elise said...

I love the new layout, everyone at music class was right, it's so cute! That's so cute about Alex! She's a crack up, don't you love it when they do those sweet things every once in a while? It makes up for all those crazy, not so good times. Sorry I don't have any advice about Noah, I'm pretty sure we'll be there soon with Brenna too! Let me know if you find anything that helps. We need to go running soon!