Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Festivities

Alex was VERY excited about her birthday this year, she was so funny.  When she woke up in the morning and we were snuggling she kept giggling and whispering, "I'm the birthday girl!"  

Here are the gifts, wrapped and ready to go (including the picnic table from Grandma).
Opening presents
Thank you and kisses
(sidenote: Alex can be a REAL stinker...but she ALWAYS says thank you.)
Alex got 2 pretty new dresses and a matching hair bow from Grandma Hunt - she insisted on putting the hair bow in immediately.  Oh, the difference between boys and girls!  We recently watched a video of Noah's second birthday - when he opened a gift that had clothes in it he started crying and throwing a tantrum : )
Paul and I were so excited to give Alex this backpack (she's been wanting one of her own since Noah has one for preschool) because we found one with a mermaid on it.  For anyone who doesn't already know...Alex is OBSESSED with mermaids.  In fact, one of her favorite presents wasn't a present at all - it was the mermaid birthday card her grandma sent her.  She carried it around and showed it to everyone all day!
Alex also loved the keyboard that her big brother picked out for her - nice job Noah!

I let Alex pick out her cake, frosting, and ice cream at the store the other day.  She insisted on chocolate everything...I really have no idea where she gets that : )  She and Noah helped me bake the cake that afternoon and of course we had to eat some of the batter.  Noah said, "Mom, that's the best part!"  I don't know where he got that either...
Decorating with sprinkles...
and sneaking a few bites.
Alex LOVED when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her!  She was just beaming!
She tried to put the candles out with her fingers...
Then Noah taught her how to blow them out
Finally...time to EAT CAKE!
Our Big Birthday Girl!

Just so you don't all think I'm a bad wife, Paul really hates being the center of attention and so I'm not allowed to throw him a Paul's world a surprise party would practically be grounds for a divorce.  We're not even allowed to sing to him.  Ok, well Alex did.  So Paul and I will be enjoying a romantic dinner date this weekend, when we get to drop the kids off for babysitting group.  Hurray!  It feels like my birthday too!  


Michele and John said...

it looks like you guys had lots of fun. i love the mermaid backpack, that is PERFECT! and what a good gift from grandma to get a picnic table like grandma gunns! i might need one one day. this post made me really excited for boston to grow up enough to care about birthdays... i had never even thought of it! i love that you let them pick out their cake and help make it. they will probably always remember that about their birthdays. you are such a good mommy.

Faye said...

The party sounds like it was a big success! Alex looks so cute. I love how she has such an opinion about everything now. I remember when you turned 2 and all you would tell us you wanted for your birthday was "pink". Anything pink - you didn't care. Sounds like Alex's thing is "mermaids". I'll have to keep a look out to add to her mermaid collection.

Dad said...

Happy birthday Alex, you are grandpas favorite grandaughter....I miss your fat little cheeks.

Randy and Tiffany said...

Cute pics! Sounds like you guys had fun! It's little times like this that I DO wish we all lived by each other so we could all be there to celebrate the kids' birthdays together...I love the picture of Alex wearing her mermaid backpack and playing her new keyboard!