Monday, February 04, 2008

The Gospel through Noah's eyes

After church yesterday Noah was cooking with Daddy in the kitchen.  He suddenly said, "Dad, do you know that Jesus calmed the waters?  There were lots of big waves, like this, [lots of wiggling and twisting of his entire body] but he calmed them.  Because he has the POWER."

I've been talking to Noah a lot lately about making "good" choices and "bad" choices.  When he lost his temper with Alex I asked him if that was a good choice - he said no.  Later that day I asked him to clean up his toys while I put Alex to bed.  He usually ignores me so when I came out and saw him cleaning I praised him for obeying mommy and making a good choice.  Noah said, "Satan makes BAD choices." It was really hard not to laugh.

I was singing "Follow The Prophet" with the kids this morning but apparently Noah is a little unclear on the words.  The rest of the day I heard him singing this version:

"Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Don't be a stranger!

Follow the prophet 
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Don't be afraid!"

Not bad, I think he's got the gist of it : )


collette crew said...

LOVE the new stories... your kids have such cute personalities. too fun! thanks for all of your sweet comments. hope you are great!

Randy and Tiffany said...

lol, those stories are hilarious! I miss Noah's funny stories and comments! ; )

Carrie Anne said...

hahahahaha! I love it! He is so funny and so full of personality! I'm so loving all of these stories, because I die laughing! I can imagine how funny him imitating the waves must have been!;) Thanks for making me feel good about my mothering even though I feel like I yelled at them all afternoon since we went to 4 stores. Nightmare!!!!

clevelandites said...

So funny! By the way, you need to fill me in on how to make my blog cute! Where did you get your background?

montanawildflower said...

love the new background! Summer, you're so crafty! :)

aShLeY said...

K I was laughing AGAIN! I love that you post all the cute little stuff they say! I always think that I will remember and it takes just a few days for me to forget, sad I know I need to be better like you!