Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Double Birthday

Today is both Paul's Birthday (29) and Alex's birthday (2).  Here are a few of my favorite things about them 


She's playful and silly, always laughing and joking
She is a sweetheart, who loves to snuggle and give "loves" and kisses
She adores her big brother and copies everything he does
She's tough and brave - she's the daredevil, willing to do things that Noah wouldn't dream of
She's strong-willed, knows what she wants, and can hold her own with her big brother (and anyone else for that matter)
She's got a sensitive side - her feelings are easily hurt when scolded by mommy and daddy.  It's hilarious to watch her cover her face, whimper, and run and hide.
She is always singing and dancing
She is currently teaching me a lot about patience and forgiveness 
She loves me!  Our family wouldn't be the same without Alex and I'm so glad she's mine!


He makes me laugh everyday, even when I'm trying to be mad at him
He has a real soft spot for the kids, especially in the middle of the night, when I don't have much of one at all.
He works hard everyday, without complaint
He sees the bright side of everything 
He's adventurous and likes to try new things
He cooks  A LOT
He's really good at surprises
He does the right thing, even when it's hard, even when he doesn't want to
He helps me be a better person - I wouldn't be who I am today without Paul, who is always supportive of me and sets an example for the whole family.
He loves me, and he even likes me (after almost 6 years of marriage)!

I love you both!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Paul and Alex!!!!

Randy and Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Paul and Alex! We love you guys and miss you! : )

Carrie Anne said...

Happy Birthday to your fam! That's so funny that they have the same birthday! What are the odds? I Hope you had a very fun day with both of them! What a sweet post!
Hey, what was that title of the book we read last year about the Orthodox Jew girl...Dominica led the discussion...I know the author also wrote the Auxillary Club? or sisters? Can't remember?

Anna said...

Happy happy birthday Alex and Paul! I didn't know they have the birthdays. How fun! I loved reading about your trip(s) to Provo. Summer I think it's good that you only took Noah. I'll bet he loved the alone time with family, and especially with you. How crazy that your little brother is on a mission! Don't you feel like we're getting so old? Mike's 10 year high school reunion is this summer. Definitely keep us posted on where you'll be heading for residency. Do you think you're ready for a new adventure?

Faye said...

I agree with all of your observations. Our family wouldn't be the same without either Paul or Alex. We love you!