Sunday, February 03, 2008

We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet

It has been a week since Gordon B. Hinckley passed away.  I miss him.  I love him and feel, like so many others who never met him, that I knew him.  I am so grateful that he was my prophet, the prophet of my youth.  I will be forever grateful for his example.

The morning after he died I wanted to tell Noah about it.  I started out by asking him if he remembered who the prophet was.  He stated confidently, "JOSEPH SMITH."  Ok, so we've got some work to do but that's something right?  Don't worry, I think we got him all straightened out during FHE that night : )


Sarah said...

I just finished blogging about the same thing! I love your post, it's so sweet. And Anna says his name, "Prinkley" we're working on that too... :)

robyne said...

I will miss Pres Hinkley so much too, he is the only prophet that my kids have known and they were so upset. We all got to go to the viewing though and it was sooo neat! As we were walking by the flowers we saw an arrangement from his said "Grandpa, we will always Be Smart, Be Grateful, Be Honest" ect. (listing all the "B's") then it said "Because we love you!" and it listed all of their names. There was also a beautiful white flower arrangement by his casket it was from the Salt Lake Temple and through the window right behind that was the Salt Lake Temple covered in snow! It really was a neat experience. The funeral was awesome too!

Carrie Anne said...

I completely agree with feel such a closeness to was one of his gifts to feel like everyone else and make them feel so close to him. You're doing GREAT with Noah!:) Don't worry, Bee and I have plenty of battles at church and for last week when she literally SANG her prayer like she was in a musical! What the heck? I just read, too, that we should pray for and with our children, so that gives me hope that maybe the kids will turn out okay, right?:)