Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Expressions of frustration...

Yesterday was a very busy day - visiting teaching, errands, birthday party. We came home exhausted and ready to take a break. We got to the back porch and the screen door was jammed shut - it really wouldn't budge. We tried the front door but it's always locked and we don't have a key for it. Then we tried the neighbor but he wasn't home, so we went back to the porch and tried the back door again. I was struggling with it and the kids could tell I was frustrated. This is what they had to say:

Noah: "Ooohhhh, this is re-dick-alis!" (interpretation - ridiculous)

Alex: "Gosh dangit, gosh dangit, gosh dangit!"

Apparently that's the worst thing they've ever heard me say - thank goodness : )

And yes, I did get the screen door "un-stuck." Why doesn't Noah ever call me a superhero?


clevelandites said...

So, funny! Isn't it great that your children repeat everything that you say! Hallei likes to tell me that I am being ridiculous (I guess that she must hear that from me!) Amanda

Anna said...

I'm so happy you're recording your children's funny stories. They seem like awesome kids. I loveto hear about them! I think you're a superhero Summer :)