Thursday, September 06, 2007

Preschool Picture

So Noah starts preschool next week and I can hardly believe it...I can't believe he's old enough for this and I can't believe I was crazy enough to sign up for this! I'm doing a co-op with 7 moms/8 kids (one set of twins). We take turns teaching and swap babysitting for our younger ones. I think it will be great but to be honest I'm a little nervous (for me, not Noah)! Anyways, we were each supposed to provide a picture of our preschooler to go on the preschool board. I searched through every picture taken of Noah in 2007 and could not find a single picture where he looked normal - does this make me a bad mom? He's either doing his scrunched up face, squinty eyed, "scary smile" screaming "CHEESE" or he's wearing nothing but underwear. Speaking of which, I can't seem to convince my almost 4 year old to keep his clothes on! A little nerve-wracking considering preschool starts in 5 days! So back to the point...I needed to get a decent picture of Noah for the preschool board. I told him this morning we would go get a "flower cookie" at one of our favorite cleveland places, a little bakery cafe called The Stone Oven. I had to use this outing to my advantage, so Noah and I made a deal. He would let me get a picture of him for preschool before we went to get cookies. A simple request right? Well it turned into a 30 minute, crying, writhing around on the floor, 3 time outs ordeal. When it was time to take his picture he was suddenly sick to his stomach, had a headache, couldn't stop coughing, and oh yeah, his legs wouldn't work. When he was finally well enough to sit still for a picture he was red and puffy faced from all the crying (see first picture). By this time I had a headache and wanted to writhe around on the floor crying as well! Luckily I calmed down enough to get him smiling and giggling, with Alex's help. I think the second picture will have to do!

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