Saturday, September 15, 2007

Residency applications

So I sent my applications to anesthesiology residency programs in this week and these are the places we applied:

University of Washington
Oregon Health and Science University
Stanford University
UC Davis
UC San Diego
University of Arizona
University of Utah
University of Colorado
University of New Mexico
University of Minnesota
Mayo Clinic
University of Wisconsin
University of Iowa
University Hospitals of Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic
Duke University
Wake Forest University

Now we just wait to be invited for interviews. We won't find out where we'll going until March 20.


Carrie Anne said...

Good luck on the interviews/invitations! Keep us posted on things for sure. Summer, I'm really glad you put your reading list on there, because you know I always need good recommendations.:) Enjoy your weekend!

Lexie said...

I have to say I'm sad not to see University of Virginia, but I know you guys will go the best place for you.

Good Luck!