Thursday, September 06, 2007

We love Cleveland...well mostly

Paul has spent most of this week putting the finishing touches on his residency application and it is almost ready for submission. And since it's already September we've got less than 9 months left in Cleveland! Not that I'm checking out fact I'm starting to appreciate Cleveland even more. So here are some things I will miss about Cleveland and some things I wont...

Things I love about Cleveland:
The trees, green in the summer and colorful in the fall
Flower cookies at Stone Oven
Awesome library system
Book Group
Dr. Reider, my ob (no, I'm NOT pregnant)
Jogs to Shaker Lake and The Nature Center
JCC Park
Squires Castle Park
Dewey's Pizza
Lightning bugs in the summer
Summer rainstorms
Great friends!
Our little apartment

Things I Don't:
The 6-month winter
Grey skies
The customer service (if you can even call it that)
The pot-holed roads
Our "dental student ward" (no offense dental students, on an individual basis I think you're great!)
A 20-minute drive, no matter where you want to go
No direct flights to visit family (at least not on Southwest)
Living 2 blocks from the ghetto
No one wanting to come and visit
Our little apartment

I've had a love/hate relationship with Cleveland, especially this past year...but as you can see I've found more things to love about it than not too. Overall, we've had a great time here in Cleveland and I plan to live it up over the next 9 months! Hurray Cleveland!

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