Friday, September 07, 2007

Strip Tease

We came home from the library yesterday afternoon and I put Alex straight to bed. I headed out to the living room to check on Noah and what did I find? A trail of clothes. First it was his shoes...a few feet further were his shorts...a few more steps and there's his shirt...all leading to a naked Noah asleep on my chair. I guess I should be grateful he left his underwear on this time. Paul's response to Noah's desire to always be naked: "Hey, I don't like to wear pants either." Wonderful.

This nap turned into a 3-hour event. Noah doesn't usually take naps but when he does he's comatose. Waking him is futile - he doesn't even open his eyes, just sobs hysterically until you let him go back to sleep. So yesterday he finally woke up on his own at 7pm. What time did Noah finally go to bed last night? 1am. Frustrating, yes - but I have to say, when he wakes up from these naps he's the sweetest little boy you've ever met! But the night wasn't over for me...Alex is teething and woke up sobbing hysterically at 5am - I didn't get her back to bed until 6am. I fell back asleep, praying the kids would sleep in, but no such luck. Noah was up at 6:45am. Paul was on call last night and when he came home this morning he thought it was pretty funny that he got more sleep than I did. Oh, motherhood...

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Sarah said...

I love all of your new posts!! And woohoo about the 5K! Way to go, Summer! That's awesome. I love the trail of Noah's clothes.... they kind of remind me of Christian's at the end of a long day.... maybe it's a boy thing? Paul's comment totally made me laugh. You definitely have a cute little family!