Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Perfect Day

I've been feeling a little guilty...I think I talk/blog more about the rough moments I have with my kids than the good ones. Let's be honest, the bad days make for much more entertaining stories! But, I wanted to have it on the record that the kids and I had a great day together this week. It was as close to perfect as you can come when you're broke, your husband is an over-worked med-student, and you have 2 toddlers : ) It was just a regular day - nothing super exciting or out of the ordinary...morning jog to the lake, afternoon trip to target, fhe. The kids were just so happy, sweet, and enjoyable to be around...THE WHOLE DAY! I think Heavenly Father knows I need those days every once in awhile - they keep me going. So, for anyone who's been reading my blog and wondering...I absolutely love my kids!

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