Monday, September 10, 2007

Yes, that's really me at the sewing machine

So Noah needed a "sitting square" for preschool. Normally my motto is "If you can't buy it, we don't have it. If we can't afford, we'll live without it." I don't do crafts. PERIOD. But it's not like I could go out and buy a "sitting square" (official definition - a mat to sit on during circle time). I thought about finding a scrap of carpet or just a piece of felt but I wanted it to be something meaningful for Noah, to help get him excited for preschool. He's been a little nervous and apparently had some misconceptions. I was talking to him about all the things he was going to be doing at preschool and when I mentioned circle time Noah started whimpering and said, "I'm scared of circle time!" When I asked him why he said, "Do we have to go really really fast?" I have no idea what he was envisioning, but obviously not anything close to what circle time actually is. When I explained it to him he was very relieved. So, back to the sitting square. How hard could it be to sew 2 pieces of fabric together with a little bit of trim around the edges? This, from the girl who hasn't touched a sewing machine since 8th grade and who has a major anxiety attack anytime she walks into a craft store! But I decided to tough it out...ok not really. On the way to the craft store I called my friend Jen for backup - luckily she was willing to come with me and Noah to the store and I roped her into helping me with this project. And thank goodness! I honestly couldn't have done it on my own. So, after showing Noah about 20 different fabrics with bugs, balls, cars, and anything boy you can think of he settled on the dinosaurs. But when we took it to the counter to be measured and cut Noah got upset. When we got home I said, "Show dad what you picked out for your preschool mat!" Noah took the fabric and ran and hid. I found him crying in our room. He kept saying, "I didn't want her to cut the dinosaurs!" I reassured him I would sew it up for him but this holds no meaning to my kids, who have never even seen a sewing machine. To make a long story short, I took my supplies over to Jen's house who helped me measure, cut, and iron the batting to the fabric. She set up the sewing machine for me but I am proud to say that I SEWED THE WHOLE THING BY MYSELF! Noah was very happy with the finished product and I must say, so am I (just don't look too close)! But let's be honest...I'll probably never touch a sewing machine for another 12 years.

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Sarah said...

So reading all of your posts makes me totally miss you! And I am totally impressed that you sewed Noah's sitting square for preschool, it's so cute! I also get totally overwhelmed in any kind of craft store and would have gone with the carpet scrap ;) How lucky is Noah that his mom made him something so cute and special?

PS-I love your hair! I think it looks so cute longer :)